Enhancing Artistic

About Arts Without Boundaries


Arts Without Boundaries supports and compliments classroom instruction by providing individual and small group instruction. AWB partners with teachers and instructors to conduct in school and after-school programs in art and music.

Art Program

The arts inspire creative thinking and problem-solving skills, playing a critical role in children’s academic and social development. Arts Without Boundaries funds and facilitates several after-school art classes for students, including six-week programs focusing on sculpture, print-making, drawing, painting, and more. This program continues to expand and is currently offered in several middle and elementary schools in Billings. If you are an art teacher or a sponsor who is interested in becoming involved with AWB’s art programs, please contact us.

Music Program

AWB, in partnership with the school music programs, instituted a music mentoring program. There are two facets to the program: a scholarship program for high school and college music students to teach younger students; and, free lessons for young students. Our music program not only provides an important role model for the music students, but a chance for student mentors to learn and grow as teachers.

AWB owns approximately 140 high-quality instruments for students who are unable to afford an instrument on their own, whether part of the mentor program or not.

To learn more about our music program, including how to become involved or how to donate an instrument, please contact us.

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